Sonja Schanz is a teacher and author. She graduated from the University of Tübingen and moved to England where she lived for 20 years and taught German, principally at the Goethe-Institut, Manchester. She has also been visiting lecturer at many universities in the UK. Since returning to Germany in 2001, she has taught both English and German. She is the author of The Changing Face of Germany (2002) and co-author (with Gerry Donaldson) of Germany (2004) and Destination Detectives: Germany (2006) in addition to a considerable amount of teaching materials. She lives in Stuttgart

Gerry Donaldson is a Financial Analyst and freelance journalist and author.
He has travelled extensively in Germany, especially to film festivals, having been a member of the international juries at the Leipzig and Oberhausen documentary film festivals. His film festival reports have been featured in The Guardian and various film publications.
The Stasi had a file on him. He is the co-author (with Sonja Schanz) of Germany (2004) and Destination Detectives: Germany (2006). He lives in Liverpool.