The Changing Face of Germany presents a picture of Germany today seen through the eyes of its citizens. Through interviews with a representative section of Germans and enlightening case studies, it offers a fascinating portrait of a country that has recently undergone the turbulent process of uniting two separate states with differing political and social systems

Germany is an authentic and up-to-date exploration of Germany today.
This title examines the country's rich history, important industries, physical geography, environment and social geography, with particular reference to its people and the transition from the two states of the cold war into the unified Germany of today. Additional resources, such as a glossary,  lists of further information, a comprehensive index and full colour photographs, maps and charts round out this fascinating study. It is part of a series that has been written for students working at Key Stages Three and Four.

Destination Detectives: Germany examines the characteristics of the country and the people that live there in an unfolding sequence of enquiry and discovery. This core curriculum area is explained in an attention-grabbing way, encouraging the reader to pick up the book and find out more about Germany. It uses a survival guide approach that encourages the reader to turn the page to find out more; includes feature boxes with unusual or amusing facts about Germany in addition to the key geographical information required; it contains fascinating images, a range of text types, maps and graphs.
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